Hello you lot!   Hope you are manfully and womanfully batting away the googlies that life sends your way … I’m catching up with you, bit by bit, in between fighting my way through the deluge of paperwork awaiting me

We’ve had a wonderful time!  It’s not often that everything goes brilliantly but this was definitely one of those times.  The sun shone but it wasn’t too hot, the accommodation was great, we loved the village, everyone was really friendly, the food was local and delicious, and the scenery stunning.   Hub took one look at the narrow road and hairpin bends of the Amalfi peninsula, and all the hooting and backing-up that was common, and we decided not to hire a car but to take the bus instead – more fun!

I won’t swamp you with pix but here are a few to give you a taste of limoncello coast (this is where they grow the lemons and where the original liqueur comes from … hic )
view from our terrace.  Breakfast here every morning!

The Emerald Grotto.  We were rowed around this in two boatloads of Japanese tourists, by two very drunk boatmen singing and slurring at the tops of their voices!!  :))


One of the many lemon groves.  Each grove was covered with black netting, which was rolled aside while we were there.  I never figured out why.


Rumour had it that this was Tom Cruise’s boat … ain’t she a beauty?


Amalfi marina

More anon!



18 thoughts on “GLIMPSES OF ITALY

  1. How wonderful that you had such a nice vacation… and I am really enjoying the pictures. Look forward to many more pictures and stories too from your trip. But this star is excellent! And of course, Welcome home! It is so good to hear from you again.


  2. Wow! I see why you fancy a chaplaincy out there – ‘lemoncello’ beckons….the liqueur:?: :))
    Lovely pictures…quite clearly you are well rested – after such breakfasts every morning….Hugs! ;)xx


    1. Fell in love with it! – and the people in the village were so friendly and kind, especially the proprietors of the local restaurant … could not have been more helpful.


      1. The owner of our villa has made the local restaurateurs her agents, and they treated us as very special guests, spoilt us with all sorts of little treats and offers to come and pick us up from places free of charge … I don’t know why they were so kind, but it was certainly a lovely experience and one which is somewhat new to us!! 😉


  3. Lovely glimpses of what is to be found around Amalfi. Did you get to Sorrento? The Circumvesuvio train is a nice little local trip, not just for tourists to use. Also the post buses (so-called because of their flexibility, not because they deliver post in Italy) have lovely local runs one way up and the opposite tight roads route down. Great fun when you meet the bus going up. We found the general buses very good for travelling to different places, as you have done. Glad to hear that service has been maintained over the years.


    1. We decided not to go to Sorrento (I have been in the past), and although we pondered Herculaneum we opted for Ravello instead, and very glad too – we loved it. Have you been? You obviously know Italy well. That piazza, and those views! – not to mention the gardens, and Hub was very taken with the musical culture there. Unfortunately concerts didn’t start until 9.30pm, and it would not have been easy to get home to Conca afterwards. It is quite a challenging place to get around!


      1. I have fond memories of Ercolano. We got an extraordinary tour of the site, not following the usual tourist pathways. Our guide, a custodian of the site gave us a right royal treat, even taking very young sprog to see where everyone went to the toilet and explaining how all the systems worked. I do not regret side-stepping Pompei. We did get quite a view of it from the little train I mentioned.

        Amalfi was a bit too touristic, we found. I’m pleased I saw it, but am not in a hurry to return. I would return to Sorrento.

        We explored all sorts of nooks and crannies, allowing for the restrictions of the needs of sprog.

        I’ve been to the Med, different countries and places and have been able to compare similarities and differences and enjoy.

        I believe the late concert starts are a common feature, even in the North of Italy. I guess its logical, it will be cooler and more tolerable for all concerned. We opted out of some, for similar reasons to you.


      2. Agree about Amalfi – it was a necessary evil for us as that was the nearest place where we could find travel information and get from anywhere to anywhere. Very much more crowded than I remember. The same with Capri: it has obviously changed hugely since I was there as a teenager, and we didn’t much like it – swarming with boatloads of tourists and geared entirely to them, and overloaded with expensive designer boutiques – it would seem people go there specially to shop. Not our cup of limoncello!!


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