Amalfi terraces, Walk of the Gods, palm roots, botched urn, Mercury’s foot, mountain village and a cat who knows.


We were constantly amazed at the way the Italians had made this steep cliff work for them, building houses and creating terraces where they grew flowers, vegetables, lemons, grapes and olives.


This is called ‘the Walk of the gods’ – yes, it clings to the cliff edge all the way – not good for Hub’s vertigo, but he made it!  Sensational views.


Look at the extraordinary root structure of this palm.


I love this battered, patched old urn with flowers (or are those weeds?) growing out of it.  Reminds me of myself …


Mercury’s beautiful foot from the Villa Cimbrone garden in Ravello


mountain village opposite Ravello (loved Ravello!)


… and one for all you cat lovers – I was waiting for the bus when I spotted this feline in the warmth and shade of a taxi.  Cats, eh – they know all the best places.


15 thoughts on “Amalfi terraces, Walk of the Gods, palm roots, botched urn, Mercury’s foot, mountain village and a cat who knows.

    1. It is such a beautiful foot! I had a good stare underneath to see whether it was a proper sandal or not, but no, all it had was this rather sexy strapping and that wonderful rosette in the arch. So gorgeous. You would love Ravello, Barbara – and it’s flatter up there – some of it, anyway!


    1. I fell in love with Mercury’s foot – I think it is exquisite and I took the shot carefully to make sure I got the underside of his foot strap!


  1. A wonderful place… and you got some great pictures. As you can imagine, I am very gratified by the view of the cat. And I think your husband decided well, to use buses to get around. Less tension. I am so happy to hear of this wonderful vacation!


  2. It’s just soooo Mediterranean. Terracing for fruit, veg and other growing is a skill possessed by very many in those regions.

    I noticed the lichen on the urn. Must be good clean air for it thrive.


    1. It is immensely impressive, especially as one considers that some of the buildings in these villages and towns are centuries old – for example, the look-out forts all along the coast – and built in such challenging circumstances without the aid of modern methods.


      1. We felt the same about Top Kapi and the Alhambra.

        The Mediterranean villages are immersed in deep history and amongst the less developed ‘crofts’ you see many ancient methods of working; a pulley system, for example, is still a favourite. they all walk in the footsteps of the Romans and earlier peoples. You must have had a wonderful holiday.


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