Yesterday the police arrived at 9.30am. Could they please mount an obbo from one of our upstairs windows?? Having checked out their credentials (ooohhh yes, very necessary) they investigated the rooms and might put a camera in our box room … there’s a lot of police activity around here at the best of times, and I noticed the helicopter overhead again today.


But they haven’t got back to us, so might not.

Then the couple. A girl phoned up last week and wanted to book a wedding. Who for? Her Mum. Why isn’t her Mum booking her own wedding … ?? Because she never gets organised, apparently.

Then Mum phoned and made an appointment for her and partner to come and start the process. Hub has developed a list of questions which we have never had to ask in any previous parish, because we get so many people trying to pull a fast one for residency reasons. Anyway, this couple are both native Brits. All they had to do was to produce a passport so that we could verify their identity … and they could start planning their wedding which they wanted to have next year.

…. the woman doesn’t have one, and the man got very vague and said he had had one in the past, but it was now out of date. They left, and Hub got on the phone to the diocesan registrar, who checked with the passport office. Yes, he does have a passport. And yes, it is in date.

So we’re wondering … identity theft??? U-(

Then the woman contacted us again, wanting, all of a sudden, to book her wedding not for next year, but for this year, and in three months’ time. Why the sudden rush? This looks stranger and stranger. Hub said not possible – too much paperwork. He would prepare the next set of papers and they could pick them up today and take them away and fill them in. That would move the whole process forward.


They haven’t turned up. Funny, that.

Over the past few days people have been constantly in and out of this house, what with one thing and another. It doesn’t help that we have to hold all the church and hall keys, and although we’ve managed to devolve some of this, a lot still comes to us because we live on site. Sometimes it feels like there’s no privacy |-|

Eldest Daughter has just been around with her guy and Eldest Granddaughter. She came complete with chocolate birthday cake with cream, for Hub’s 65th, bless her. EGD rushed around closing curtains before we were allowed in to the living room with the candles all alight on the cake! Hub and I are going to be away for his actual birthday, so this was to make sure that he didn’t miss out … and that EGD didn’t miss out either.


Now I’m full of cake and don’t want my supper. My Mum always warned me about that. Should’ve listened … :))



  1. You’ve got an incendiary device on your table!

    As it is so usual for people to live in heterosexual partnerships, the couple you met could have just done this, if they were not already doing so. Makes you wonder if they wanted to emigrate in a hurry, if so why? Insurance pay-out. Change of identity-whose name would have been used? Status creation before relatives arrive, or they try and visit. Bigamy…..heaven forfend!!

    Not a dull moment.


  2. Oh crumbs…. must drive you a bit potty so many people in and out …… Glad you had CAKE though…. even if you shouldn’t have eaten it before supper…. ah well!

    Happy Birthday to Hub!


  3. That cake looks deliciously yummy :)) yes Im intrigued about the mystery couple too πŸ™„ seems never a dull moment being a vicars wife gilly :yes: at least you will both have a good rest on your holidays πŸ™‚


    1. It certainly was (polite burp) and thanks, Tracy! We shall get some more cake tomorrow, when we go and stay with our second daughter and family … πŸ˜‰


  4. Happy Birthday….Major milestone…to be sure; hopefully plans are being laid for a much deserved and most satisfying retirement…:roll: Hugs! :)x


    1. If only it could start sooner than next year!!! Never mind … there is plenty to do in this final year … as a friend of mine used to say, it’s a great life, if you don’t weaken … :))


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