… A bank holiday

Warm sunny weather

Taking the kids and dogs out to somewhere where there is lots for them to do

A picnic blanket on the grass


Sitting outside the pub with a beer in the sun


Walking woodland trails in full spring green and bluebell glory (yes I know this isn’t a picture of that but isn’t it gorgeous? It’s the Severn!)


Ducks on the river with ducklings


Big fat squashy moist cakes and tea


A royal wedding to gossip about

The British are happy.

Grand piano to play in the National Trust house we visited

Snooker at the Crucible on TV when we get home … Snooker-Sheffield-Crucibl-006[1]

… hub is happy.

Only fly in the ointment today – that stupid Pride and Prejudice was on – the one with Keira Knightly and Matthew McFadyen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come to think of it, that gave me something to chunter about.

So I’m happy too 😉


14 thoughts on “THE BRITISH ARE HAPPY WITH …

  1. Well,it made a change to have a sunny Easter and Mayday too!!What’s happening to our traditional rain?As I’m still unwell we couldn’t go out but it’s nice to sit in the garden and feel the sun on one’s body.


    1. Do hope you’re beginning to feel a little better, Kathryn. You have had a lousy time, health-wise, and it’s time for life to start looking up !


      1. I had laryngitis but had to be on phone ages re a computer virus so that made it worse.It began when we had that very hot weekend.They say we had smog?
        God knows why my immune system is like this!!Am feeling an improvement as long as I don’t speak!!


      2. I guess you are taking lots of vitamins and herbs to bump up your immune system? Sounds as if you could do with a nice long holiday to get yourself back to health!


    1. That is entirely true! And he loves us in the beauty of his creation and the joy he’s able to give people, whether they realise it comes from him or not.


    1. It lifts my spirits, Janet, because it shows that the British don’t need loads of manufactured entertainment to enjoy themselves – there are plenty of simple things to do to engender contentment.


  2. A great description of Bank Holidays. Me I went to a vintage car show with a group of friends, I didn’t really want to go but found I had a really good time :yes:


  3. That’s a terrific montage of scenes – so very British. A bit of sunshine and a Bank Holiday and we’re as happy as a hippy in a haystack.
    Me, I had a glorious walk in Richmond Park but I was turned away from a pub because all the tables were booked for lunch. Since this establishment appeared to now be a restaurant I offered to remove the sign stating that it was a Public House. They weren’t amused.


    1. :)) Oh I like it – a bit of rocking the boat! I am realising that quite simple things make us British happy. It’s a healthy alternative to the media entertainment industry!


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