I was glad to see that Archbishop Rowan, that consummate professional, had written notes in the margins of his wedding service.

royal wedding

That makes me feel better about the post-it notes in mine when I’ve taken weddings, although I don’t suppose he was likely to forget the names of the couple. Just the order they came in, perhaps. 😉


25 thoughts on “ROWAN’S WEDDING NOTES

  1. 0h boy when that ring didnt go on right away i held my breath and breathed a sigh of relief when it slipped on.

    What a beautiful prayer they had written to be read out in the abbey for us all to hear and what a wonderful example they are setting this generation.

    The best wedding i have ever known i loved it all even the well chosen hymns.xx


    1. One photographer said he thought she was probably nervous and so her finger had swollen a bit. He had noticed when he did the engagement pix that her hand with the ring on was shaking so much that William had to hold it. She hides her nerves well, doesn’t she!

      That’s a first, to read out a prayer written by the couple. I liked that.


      1. Yes it is possible to do that i can remember every one thinking i was confident when out years ago only to get close enough to realize how nerves i really was.xx


      2. I think we tend to hold ourselves in a stifled way almost motionless and people think we are not just confident but cold where we are trying to contain


      3. I must admit when I am really nervous, like when I’m about to preach or take a service, I try and spend a few moments praying and giving God the chance to calm me down!!


    1. We were puzzling over it, becoz it’s not straight ‘1662’ prayer book. Apparently it’s an updated version – 1966 or something. Now we’ve been told that sort of service is illegal!!! Clearly not …;)


  2. My 13″ screen didn’t give me the kind of detail you obviously saw. It doesn’t surprise me that there were ‘prompt’ notes available in such a major spectacle. Nice that the Arch Bish remains down to earth with practical things.

    The Bishop of London’s sermon had one or two thought-sparking phrases. I was very impressed with the overall delivery and tone of the reading by Master Middleton. I expect they had margin notes too.

    From what I saw, I found the production and the public order structures fascinating.


  3. I think Kate and Will did so very well when they must have been so very nervous bless also the Archbishop played his part too in making the service very special 🙂


      1. Certainly looked like that! I didn’t think he was very relaxed either, despite everyone saying he was. I thought he only started to calm down and warm up when they were almost at the palace.


  4. I was desperately hoping for Prince Harry, that perpetual prankster, to remark that he’d lost the ring.
    Or for somebody to call out from the back that he really DID have just cause why the marriage was null and void.
    That’s just me with my dark sense of humour; I was actually caught up with the infectious spirit of the event.


    1. I always joked with my wedding couples about ‘if anyone knows just cause or impediment’ … and I have had a joker clear his throat very loudly at just that moment!


  5. I was pleased that Kate had ‘practised’ getting William’s names in the right order….I really felt for her, she looked calm but you could tell she was oh so nervous till pronounced husband and wife.

    She looked amazing.

    P xx


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