I often start our day off, Monday, feeling low in spirits and today was no exception. Last year, Holy Week was the week when my father died, so I expect that has something to do with it.

Anyway, it’s great to have a day away from responsibility. We drove out of the big smoke and found ourselves a walk which began by a canal, then left it and climbed a hill where the rape is blossoming and the fields are spread with yellow. Intertwined with their stems are blue speedwell – a faint blur of colour below the golden rape.

Going down the hill and alongside a wood, I discovered the bluebells are in bloom – almost, not quite at that stage where they are a lake of colour beneath the trees.


By the time we fetched up at the car my low spirits had dissipated, and I was further cheered up with an excellent lunch at a nearby garden centre. We popped into a couple of big stores on our way home, where I found boxes to store my mother’s old letters, and we bought a present for Eldest Granddaughter who will be 6 at the end of April.

Hub is still recovering from his minor op, and we came home so he could rest. But it’s a great feeling, knowing I don’t have to cook a main meal this evening – I do not like cooking :no: I used to think that I should be more of a domestic goddess … but I got over it eventually! :))



20 thoughts on “A WALK IN THE COUNTRY

  1. Fabulous post gill and so nice to hear that hubby is getting better and you had a nice day with all those bluebells.

    I’m a bit like you on the cooking side, I clean and hubby cooks otherwise he would do nothing, lol so have to give hime something to do.

    Have a lovely day tomorrow again in the sun shine, it puts a smile on all our faces πŸ™‚ x


    1. Thanks, Barmac! Had an incredibly busy day yesterday and finished at 9.30 last night, so this morning am feeling tired and geriatric :)) but I’ll get over it! I have a long to-do list but no fixed meetings or appointments so will crawl around doing this and that until I get fed up and have to blog again to keep myself sane πŸ˜‰

      Wish my hub would take up cooking :yes:

      Hope you are doing OK and feeling a bit better in this lovely weather.


  2. How lovely to walk and see the bluebells etc… and I’m glad it lifted your spirits…. πŸ™‚

    Hope Hub recovers quickly from his op – must be such a relief to get rid of that irksome lump….

    I think the whole domestic goddess is over-rated… I can’t imagine you have time for it anyway!

    Hope your week goes well Gilly in spite of it being extra difficult with your Dad’s anniversary etc….xxx


  3. I understand how you feel gilly but going out for the day with hubby was an excellent idea sometimes when I feel low I often go for a walk but somehow the blues seem to drift away and seeing the beauty around helps us to forget our troubles x


  4. Your posting made me feel so good. I lost my father in holy week and my uncle not at the same time but this period in time can make me a little sad..
    Bluebells really are so fantastic to cheer our souls and as we see the birds and the animals all starting on new lives.
    We went out yesterday for a walk and all the flowers were showing signs of coming out and the grass has grown at a very quick rate its like reeds.
    I love cooking when well enough and its a rare treat to go out to eat but like you its such a treat not to have to be the delia in the kitchen.
    A real day off and it sounds like you had a wonderful time i felt the uplift and i thank you for such a super descriptive post.


  5. Oooh! Ooooh! I posted bluebells today too! :))

    As Janet says, mother nature can life our spirits better than just about anything else… and very pleased to hear the invalid is recovering πŸ™‚


    1. It’s not just the beauty of nature, which always lifts my spirits, it’s the exercise as well – and getting myself out from under! Hope you and yours are doing well, Usky … dare I ask? πŸ™„


      1. Exercise releases natural ‘happy pills’ to the brain, so I understand that well enough :yes:

        *whispers* Things are relatively quiet in the Usky domain… crossing fingers they stay that way.


    1. You and me both, Janet! I find that I need to get away from my daily circumstances, sometimes, in order for my spirits to recover. Because our phone goes constantly and people come to the door, we can only have time off if we go out.


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