… would not make a good headline for our trusty media, who would doubtless much prefer one that omitted the word ‘not’!

We live in a white minority area here. The biggest Sikh festival, Vaisakhi, is taking place this coming weekend – ie on Easter Sunday. There will be up to 25,000 Sikhs from all over, processing through this part of the city. Roads will be closed, and it would have made things very difficult for Christians wanting to get to church to worship for Easter.

When the city council was asked why, they said they didn’t think there were any Christians in our part of the city … this about a place where there’s a church on almost every street, because black independent churches flourish here.

Mercifully, we have some sensible Christian leaders hereabouts who got together with Sikh community leaders of goodwill and police who work very hard on community relations.

black-pastor-church-choir[1] _45749783_singh_mann226[1]

They sorted it out between them. The Vaisakhi processions will start an hour and a half later, so that Christians can get to church. And the police have agreed, rather than closing off the whole area, only to close off each street as the processions enter, and reopen the street as soon as the procession has left.

I am proud of everybody. Good community relations are not only possible but happening.



  1. See, it just takes folks to talk about things and recognise the difficulties for each side in order to find a peaceful middle-ground. Excellent outcome. Congratulations to all concerned.


  2. Sounds good for everyone. I’m glad that people can operate well together.

    I envy you the opportunity to see the Sikh festival in the community. I cannot remember seeing anything on any of the Indian and Pakistani Festivals when I was in close working and living contact with those communities years ago. Some were held in large parks and I would hear about them, Like I heard a bit about the 300th anniversary of celebrations of Sikhism near Glasgow. In the last decade, I saw many of the firework displays for Diwali.


  3. Good story. We need more examples like this of good community relations but for the press, it isn’t news.
    I’ve known quite a lot of Sikhs, especially when I was younger. Apart from the arrogant git who ploughed into my car and wrote it off, I generally find them quite hospitable and accommodating.


    1. Yeah, they do have a good reputation on the whole … having said that, our nuisance neighbours belong to that community – although I don’t think they are held in high regard!


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