Hub came home last night, looking cheerful if tired, clutching antibiotics and painkillers and with a large neat bandage on the back of his neck. I packed him off to bed at 7.30 and this morning he has had a good night and is relatively pain-free, so far.

The abscess was drained and the surgeon then excised the cyst and stitched up – it was 4×3 cms and we now realise that it was the reason for Hub not being able to sleep on his left side, because of the pain in his shoulder and neck. He did so for the first time in months, last night.

This morning there have been registers to write for this afternoon’s wedding and a lot going on generally. Lovely Son in Law packed up and set off home with Gorgeous Grandson πŸ˜₯ and now I have to go and pick up the toys 😦 No sooner had they left, than the door knocker went and it was Eldest Daughter’s … well, we’re not quite sure what to call him. She reckons she’s too old to have a ‘boyfriend’, and she hates the word ‘partner’ … my next-brother-down suggested ‘gentleman caller’ :)) Any ideas out there??

Anyway, it was great to see him and he had popped in because he’d gathered that Hub had been in hospital. So we sat round in the kitchen with tea and biccies and regaled each other with ‘when I was in hospital’ stories. He also had the excellent news that he has another job interview (he’s a primary school teacher).

Hub has now gone back to bed and I have a million and one things to do and am feeling too tired to do any of them … yesterday was so busy, with shopping and cooking and a visit to the hospital after Hub came round, a meeting in the afternoon and another meeting in the evening … maybe I’ll have a little geriatric sit-down πŸ˜‰ and do a crossword until the energy level has been replenished :yes:

… oh, and maybe a square (or three) of chocolate …



  1. Delighted to hear that hubby is home and all went well with the surgery. Not nice things those large systs. Hope he is feeling more comfortable today. You must be so exhausted now gill so you take care of yourself as I am sure it will have taken it out of your husband. Dad had a similar thing removed from his back and it really knocked him out for a bit. Take a breather tomorrow if you can manage it. Lots of love coming your way from me, xxxx πŸ™‚


  2. so wonderful to hear that this story has been taken care of. And my best wishes to you, and to all who celebrate the wedding. May it be the good beginning of a wonderful life together.


    1. Thank you, Shimon. They do have all our best wishes as they put their relationship on a more secure footing.

      That Genesis verse is so important and fundamental to a good marriage: ‘therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and they shall become one flesh’.


  3. Glad hub is better. I recall having such a thing in MY ARMPIT when I was a bashful young thing and having it sorted by two young male doctors to my massive embarrassment….:oops:

    A name for daughter’s gentleman caller – her BEAU???? πŸ˜€

    Hope you get some relaxation in….. but it is all hotting up for the final week so I doubt you’ll get much chance… πŸ˜‰ here we all are, dragging our crosses up that hill…. Race you? πŸ™‚ xxx


    1. Just tried because I feel so shattered – but mind too full of all the things I have to do … so have given it up as a bad job!!! I’ll settle down eventually!!!!


  4. So pleased it is all done and dusted now…

    My Becci is not married as you know…Paige came along before they found the money for the wedding…now second one on the way.

    They are engaged and they both say Fiancee….

    What do I say….sometimes partner…but quite often the OTHER HALF.
    P xx


      1. Indeed. All the couples we have for weddings have been living together for years. The wedding this afternoon is a couple with 2 kids, and they also have other kids by other partners. But I hope they’ll be able to build a secure future for their kids together …

        We can’t do ‘Fathers’ Day’ in our church. All the mums round here are single.


      2. Lol…but they must know who the Fathers are…and allow them their children.

        Like you know Becci and Perry are not married…but he is still the Dad and gets his cards and a cuddle

        Also…BIG DIFFERENCE as Becci and I have always said.

        The FATHER IS THE GUY THAT PRODUCED YOU…. Dad…is the guy that brings you up and loves you.

        P xx


      3. That is so true! Sadly the culture round here is of couples living together then the guy disappears into the wide blue yonder if his woman becomes pregnant. One of the reasons the bride wanted to get married today is because her man hadn’t abandoned her.


      4. They do! but not everyone realises that you can get married reasonably economically … so many people want big expensive ‘do’s’ – but we have observed that a big expensive ‘do’ does not guarantee a secure relationship, and it may be the more modest weddings which have a stronger relationship.

        I used to do a lot of weddings and there was one which the bride to be rang me up in floods of tears, because her fiance had called it off and separated. I saw her and we talked, and I discovered that both sets of parents had put huge pressure on them to have things bigger and more expensive than either of them wanted. They just wanted a quiet wedding with their mates and family.

        Anyway, that one had a happy ending. I pointed out that in Christian marriage it is the couple that form the unit and they have to make their own decisions, then lovingly but maybe firmly tell their families (who after all do love them, on the whole!) that they wanted their wedding done in their own way and they hoped their parents would understand.

        Fortunately everyone came on board, they had a quiet registry office wedding and all was well. But it just goes to show the pressures on couples don’t always come from themselves.


  5. I think you definitely deserve that chocolate gilly all that running around πŸ™„ Im pleased hubby has had the abscess removed it must have been very painful …


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