Hub was allowed home last night, provided he presented himself at 7.30 this morning not having had any breakfast or even his normal cup of tea. So he didn’t take his blood pressure pills, either.

And off he went. To phone a bit later to say ‘I need my B/P pills – they told me I ought to have taken them!’ His BP began to come down, however, after he got over the excitement of seeing the anaesthetist.

He was, for some odd reason, transferred to the Ear, Nose and Throat Department, who moved quickly. By mid-morning he was prepped, then off to theatre for a short-acting anaesthetic and action on The Fearsome Lump.

When I saw him at lunch time he was looking very perky, sitting up in bed in a fetching hospital nightie that kept falling off his shoulders in a very film-starry way, tucking into shepherd’s pie and ice cream. One after the other.

Son in Law has been brilliant, and took me shopping this morning, then dropped me at the hospital to take Gorgeous Grandson home for lunch. Except that, as I was sitting by Hub’s bedside, my phone rang and it was SIL. ‘Errrr – I’ve only got a yale key, I haven’t got a chubb for the deadlock, I’m stuck outside the house, I can’t get in …’ 😦

Decided that circs required a taxi, so zoomed home to find that SIL had been calmly changing GG’s nappy on the lawn, and had gone back to the car to wait.

Hub is due home later today, all being well. Meanwhile I am whizzing around reorganising things – such as the wedding tomorrow. Phone call to bride: ‘We need your order of service RIGHT NOW !!!!!’

Lovely vicar colleague from next door parish is available to take wedding tomorrow, so that’s one thing off Hub’s rather sore shoulder.

Thanks for all your support and positive thoughts and prayers, guys. Much appreciated!



  1. I think your daughter should be able to explain the ENT thing to you. Suffice to say, those specialists do head and neck things as well. If memory serves me correctly, the titles for the specialists have been lengthened a bit to take the additional bits on board. Now isn’t all that very technical! πŸ˜‰

    Delighted to hear your news about hub; it proves the point that hub needed to be treated ASAP. Well done both of you. Glad all’s well that ends well.

    Keep us posted on progress.


  2. Said nothing to worry about and pleased that it all went well including the nappy change πŸ˜‰

    He has the weekend to recover and I am sure all parishioners will understand.

    P xx


    1. Thanks, Pauline! I can’t BELIEVE that your car has disappeared as well now. Is there a jinx on the place or something? Is it time to move to pastures new???


      1. I have been looking for over 2 years and nothing suitable has come up. Mind I suppose I am picky, and, I am right there where the shops, hospital, bus, train, airport etc.

        P xx


      2. Yes, you do need to take all those things into consideration … but I guess we always have to compromise over some things. Any news on your car? I had mine stolen, some years ago now, on a Saturday night and it was found on a local housing estate on Monday, having been driven into the ground!


      3. I am guessing the Police may have something to do with it. Like no broken glass, was taken mid day…sound ominously like they got DVLA to take it.

        I will treck down the Police Station tomorrow and find out, in meantime will contact the lady at DVLA…remember I had this last year when they took it and HAD TO BRING IT BACK.

        P xx


    1. Thanks, dt! Apparently they not only drained the abscess but removed the cyst, which was big … so hopefully, once it’s all healed over and the stitches are out we can quit thinking about it! I’m sure there must be something else Fearsome to wile away the hours … :))


    1. Thanks, Aven! They drained it and then they cut out the cyst, which was pretty big … so now it’s got to heal, then they will take out the stitches, then we can find something else Fearsome to wile away the time πŸ˜‰


      1. I appreciate your support, Aven! Thanks. By the way, my peace lily has suddenly started to flower again – I am so surprised because I usually kill everything! And I am even more surprised to see my poinsettia growing new leaves – I thought they died!


      2. That is great news they just need to be loved like all living things. Might be best to keep them both indoors on a warm windowsill keeping an eye on them for too much heat and dryness giving them a spot of water when needed.xx


      1. thanks again! They drained the abscess and then excised the cyst, which was 3×4 cms!! So he has stitches and a big bandage, but ate a hearty supper and meekly went to bed when ordered to do so by Moi. I appreciate your support.


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