Off to the gym again today – managed to get round all the pieces of equipment without having to wait this time! It’s ‘ladies only’ this morning which is good for the Muslim ladies round here: but it’s also very annoying when two grannies sit next to each other on the only two bikes, their legs going round at half a mile an hour, then they stop every so often to have a comfortable gossip,before resuming at half a mile an hour again … :yawn:

Staggered home to find gorgeous grandson (one year old) STILL up! He and his Dad, son-in-law, are here to stay while Mum is at some training in the States. Eventually GG settled down for a nap, much to SIL’s relief, so he could get on with his stuff.

He went on with his stuff when GG woke up, because I gave GG his snack (he has a gargantuan appetite and Daughter has taught him sign language for ‘More’ … ) and then we went out into the garden, where he was far more interested in falling into the hedge and experimenting with dead leaves, than in the idea of having a swing. :))

Cooked dinner, Hub abandoned us to go off for a Bible study, I did a deal with SIL – he would prefer to do the dishes if I bath GG! Oh dear, didn’t I just draw the short straw … not. 😉

So all is quiet on the western front and I’m off to have a cup of redbush. drinks[1]

Have a nice evening, everyone! :wave:



    1. None of them started early, Silver … so I am already much older than my mother was when I was producing! Daughters seem to have babies later these days. But it is fun and I hope you get there sooner or later!


  1. What a ‘GORGEOUS’ Day….:)) 😉 Bet that little ‘mite’ gets thoroughly spoilt….The obligation of Grandmothers….:>> Enjoy the time Luv! They’re great to have….
    BTW…Meant to ask…Could you just keep an eye on Mama ‘i Afrika, please…Just so there is no untoward postings or comments….Thanks!
    Have a Fab Easter…Don’t work too hard! 😉 Hugs! :)xxx


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