So ‘Pastor’ Terry Jones in Florida finally set light to a copy of the Qur’an – but he did not do it himself, I see. He instructed an assistant pastor to do it.

As a result, demonstrations against this burning have continued in Afghanistan and Pakistan. So far more than 20 have died in violence that began with the massacre of seven UN aid workers in Mazar-e-Sharif last Friday.

Terry Jones doesn’t care. He’s going to stage a public trial of the Prophet Muhammad’s life, and plans to protest outside a mosque in Michigan.


Irony number one. His church is called the ‘Dove World Outreach Centre’. I presume that is supposed to be the dove of peace.

Irony number two. He may only have burned a translation of the Qur’an, in which case, most good Muslims would not consider this to be an authentic Qur’an. The authentic Holy Book is only written in Arabic.

‘Free speech’ – I can hear the cry go up from here. But when are we going to learn that any kind of freedom does not come vacuum-wrapped, as if it were unconnected with the rest of life? All freedom must also carry responsibility.

Our western democracies consider that people are entitled to express their opinion – however crude, stupid, loathsome or irresponsible an opinion it is. But this was not just a verbal expression of opinion. It was accompanied by an act which was a deliberate insult to Islam, and a conscious incitement to violence.

Obama has condemned the burning, and so has General Petraeus. Is that it? Our law has put in jail somebody who did the same thing in Wales.

Western church leaders have condemned not only the burning, but also the ensuing violence. And this is a very relevant point. Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, a Pakistani himself, said ‘it is no part of Christian mission to insult other people’s beliefs.’ He agreed that Jones bore a heavy responsibility. But he also criticised those who had taken part in the riot and the violence and had killed both the UN staff and local Christians.

Both Christians and Muslims need to condemn this violence. Responsibility goes both ways.

(apologies to my blog buddies – I pressed the wrong button and posted the title before I’d written the post – then got interrupted by the arrival of Granddaughter! :oops:)



    1. thanks for this link, Chris. I have read it and it certainly doesn’t mince its words. And of course it is true.

      In their defence, I gather that the American media decided not to over-report the burning of the Qu’ran. But the news of course leaked out anyway.

      I am of the opinion that religious arrangements in countries should be reciprocal. So if the members of a minority wish to build a mosque in our country, then their home country should allow the building of a church!

      It would never happen, of course … some people prefer swords to ploughshares.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  1. Jones is probably unaware that Muslims revere Jesus as a prophet. That said, the anti-Christian stance by Muslims and endorsed by the Koran means that no-one has clean hands.
    It is incredible that Jones, having taken no responsibility for inflaming Islamic passions and the consequent 20 deaths, continues on his kamikaze path to warped self-righteousness. As commented previously by others, the ignorance shown towards the Muslim faith by many Americans is unforgiveable in this age of instant self-education and mass communication from the Internet. The truth is out there but we need an open mind to search for it.


    1. He may be aware, but will have a very fundamentalist attitude, I suspect. If you walk in a narrow warped way then you see everything only from that point of view. It’s very salutory.

      Thanks for the comment, Athel.


  2. Faith has the potential to unite people …it’s unfortunate indeed that many of us choose to add religion to this and then all the pointless aquabbling over who is right begins.

    I would love to cross-dress in a burqa and walk throught central Paris!


    1. It’s true that ‘religion’ gets blamed for a lot of things like economic poverty and unrest – when as you say, it is often an add-on.

      I’d like to see you try … 😉


  3. I cannot believe a so called minister could do such a thing.
    How would he feel if someone burnt our Bible I’d be outraged.
    Does he think that others do not have feelings or deserve to have them and it’s not him that is getting the backlash.
    A very stupid man.


  4. Have the Post Title….Perhaps it was meant to be this way…:roll:
    As Janet says…many such idiots in the USA and HERE in the United Kingdom….:roll: :>> x


      1. Interesting reflections…:yes: Of course, ‘book burning’ took on a different meaning when Satanic Verses was burnt…
        Prejudice runs very, very deep….especially the kind that parades in fine clothing…of floral speech and hypocrisy….
        Never mind…Why waste breath on ‘ninconpoops’ :>>


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