Looking towards the castle from the harbour


Driftwood:  I haven’t tried black and white before

Cuthbert’s cell on the island

Shed made from upturned herring boat

Inside a herring boat shed

Limpets left high and dry

rock pool

Limpet ‘teeth’

Priory ruins


Final sunset.  Do you see it too?



  1. Glad you have had a lovely peaceful time… Yes I see the cross in the sunset 🙂
    Been to Holy Island many many years ago and camped nearby on the other side of the sand dunes and really loved Northumberland – magical place. Must be wonderful to go there on retreat and knowing all that you know…. when I went I was still a heathen 😉


      1. Thanks, dt! it was a very special experience and I am a big fan of Cuthbert too. God gave me loads of blessings every day, just from giving me all that was around me as a gift. I said to Hub if I could live on the island I wouldn’t need to go to Heaven … 😉


      2. 🙂 I do remember I fell in love with that bit of coastland near Holy Island and the surrounding area and felt as if I’d found the home of my heart…. Must get back there one day! Hmmm…. maybe we reconsider the igloo option and instead take over Holy Island? 🙂


      3. Funnily enough I was thinking of you and praying for you as I wandered over the island, and wondering how to break it to you that I’d rather abandon the igloo and just come to Holy Island for ever and ever …. :))


      4. Great minds think alike 😉 It really is very special up there in Northumberland and particularly Holy Island and the Farne Islands and so on….

        I remember going up that side of the country to Aberdeen and pining to get off the train at Berwick instead….. – such fabulous views from the train…. :sigh:


    1. Thanks, Murphy! My pix don’t compare with the photographic heavyweights in blogland … but I do love taking them and then recalling the experiences when I look at them.


    1. The shed is amazing, isn’t it! It was a wonderful few days – full of peace and quiet, sunny and blowy – very good ambience for some reflection and prayer! Thanks, indigo.


  2. They are wonderful images…I never actually got to Lindisfarne when I went to Bamburgh Castle…the tide was wrong. I got some pics somewhere of the castle…shame covered with TV arials.

    I am so pleased you had a good trip and thos pics are fab

    P xx


      1. One day I must drive there again.

        We were staying with friends in Hartlepool and my ex said to go to Banburgh… I can remember driving and all I could see was signs saying ‘Edinburgh’

        I was I admit a little disapointed, as I said the Castle was ‘marred’ with TV arials…but …another time.

        P xx


      2. We really like it. Hope you do too – but you will definitely need your car – getting there by public transport is horrendously expensive, even with a senior rail card!


    1. Thanks, Silver! It was wonderful – grass, trees, sea, birds, dunes, beaches – and all the tourists disappeared each afternoon, before the tide came in and covered the causeway!!!! 😉


    1. Thanks, Lee! Yes, we spent the week on Lindisfarne island on the north-east coast, otherwise known as Holy Island. Some of the earliest missionaries to Britain lived there as a community of monks, and were responsible for preaching the Gospel around the place. St Cuthbert and St Aidan are the most famous Christians from that time, with many tales of miracles, especially regarding Cuthbert, who is now buried in Durham Cathedral. It is a very special place, totally cut off from the mainland by the tide, twice a day. You have to make sure you are off the causeway when the tide is coming in!

      We had a spiritual retreat there, which we spent in quiet. We had a mentor to talk to each day if we wanted to: the rest of the time we were free to wander, and reflect, and pray, and read. Wonderful – just God and me! (oh, Hub came too … and he had a great time as well :)) )


  3. DElightful images….Good to have you back…suitably refreshed, no doubt…hopefully, not too big a halo…..:)) HUgs! Love that shed of upturned Herring boat….
    Final sunset…exquisite…:) x


    1. Thanks, Bushka! No, no halo … sadly, mine slipped some time ago, and seems to have got stuck around my neck … 😉 :))

      Do I gather you are off on your travels soon?


      1. I sometimes wonder about haloes anyway … I have a feeling some of our saints would have been very difficult to live with!!!!!! :yes:


      2. Ah well … what does that say about yours 😉

        I sometimes think that some of those guys would have been better off with some ‘attention’ from you … Simeon Stylites, for instance. What on earth was that about?!


      3. Too little is known of the people who indulge in such shenanigans…as with many ‘faith driven’ oddities….people invariably proffer a variety of reasons for their indulging in such…;)


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