Grrr.  I hate it when the clocks go forward.  Although we only lose an hour, Madam Body always decides that actually she’s losing at least 4.  So there we are in the middle of the night, having an argument with ourselves.  I am pointing out crossly in no uncertain fashion that it is idiotic to be awake at 4.15am.  She smirks, tosses and turns, throws the covers on and off, sighs and eventually gets me up to have a snack and a hot drink as that usually gets the better of her.

Not this time.   And I was teaching the kids this morning and needed my wits about me … dunno where they went!

Maybe Madam Body will condescend to cooperate tonight instead.


25 thoughts on “I HATE BST!

  1. Awwwww it is the absolute pits not getting any or enough sleep and having to run on empty…… Glad you’ve caught up with yourself a bit more now!

    I drink limeflower tea just before going to bed and it helps me sleep well on the whole…. is supposed to be calming and all that!


  2. Super irrational grouches… we’re different to many time zones, we get on with those oddities and they work with ours. I cannot see what the major zonk is all about. I slept an extra hour according to my clock, though not my watch. I did, as it happens go to bed a bit earlier and got a sleep about the right length and maybe, a wee bit more.

    There are many elements in life that do not tie in to man-made constructs, including man and woman. Babies, like other life, wouldn’t understand them either.

    My concern would be too many hours getting changed that do not allow for daylight hours differences in the UK and the risks and other problems associated with that.

    Now, turning to Madam body, apart from getting it into some sort of order, I would suggest using something that has an emollient affect (not soap suds unless that’s your fancy)to cajole the body into what is desired.


  3. Sometime you are so tired, you want to get some sleep, but there is so much noise all around, because everyone’s Generator is on, no electricity. Its a common occurrence here.


    1. That’s right, Tayo! We live here on a noisy street, but it’s not too bad because we sleep in the back of the house. In northern Nigeria I never slept well – the hotel next door was noisy all night, and as soon as it stopped, there was the Muslim call to prayer, and as soon as that stopped, there was the gong for the Christian prayer!


      1. And I could imagine how hot it could be in the north, in some areas. Heat, noise, then in some people’s case, insects. All these could be intolerable. Only a well fatigued person could manage some deep sleep in such situations.


    1. It went great, and they never seem to want to leave 🙄 but I need to!!

      Just been to see ED and granddaughter but have come home for some geriatric p and q :zz:


    1. The powers that be that invented BST etc don’t think about animals or children! And it doesn’t help us with European trade either – we’re always working different hours from them!! grouch grouch


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