There’s a residential place for people with learning and other difficulties, right next to our church. It’s a fun place and the residents come and go as they wish, sometimes wandering into what we’re doing.

Sam is a resident whom we’ve bumped into from time to time, though it’s a long time since we saw him. People like Sam don’t react the way so-called ‘normal’ people do, so it’s always a bit of an adventure. He dribbles badly, and it would be easy to label him. But when he’s joined us for discussion in the past, he’s talked some very profound sense.

The other day I was standing at the bus stop when Sam wandered by, going to the shop. I’d seen him a few days earlier and said Hi, but hadn’t got a response, and he didn’t show any sign this time of having seen me.


A few minutes later I was still waiting as he came out of the shop with his can of Tango. As he passed me, he suddenly looked sideways at me, and grinned, which lit up his whole shaggy bearded face.

It made my day.


24 thoughts on “SAM’S SMILE

      1. Too much/many saccharine stuff freely available… I wonder…Does one get ‘Cosmetic Smile Surgery’? :> Certainly looks like it…when you see some of the smiles…(Male and Female)…on parade…;)x


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