After several years of realising that Hub wasn’t just ignoring my EXCELLENT advice, but he really didn’t hear, I eventually persuaded him that it was worth getting his hearing checked.

So off he went to the audiology dept in the local hospital, and sure enough, some of the ‘registers’ are no longer as good as they used to be. So today he went back, and was fitted with his super-duper new digital hearing aid that has been exactly aligned to his hearing loss.

I returned to the house this afternoon to find him sitting on the sofa, a slightly bemused look on his face.

‘Do you know what?’ he said.


‘I’ve discovered something. That clock ticks!’


Meanwhile, my younger bro kept wanting me to take away a clock that he had discovered in my parents’ attic, when we had been clearing out their house together.


(this isn’t it, by the way, but it’s quite similar)

So I did, and as I was walking down the road with Eldest Daughter, she said ‘what a fabulous clock. I’ve always wanted a clock like that.’

‘Really?’ I said. ‘You’re welcome to it! I don’t need it, I don’t want it, I don’t even know where it came from, and I don’t really know what to do with it!’

So ED took it away, and she went to a clockmaker’s to get it cleaned up and working properly.

And came home with the news that it is valued at £800 …. 88| (‘NO YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BACK MUM’…)

All the stuff we got valued from that house! the Dresden figures … the delicate Japanese china tea-service … old books …. old stamps … no valuer was in the least bit impressed …

and it turns out to be the old clock in the attic that nobody knew was there :crazy:



  1. So far, my hearing has survived the ravages of age …long may it continue (as I use my hearing far more than most people). I have never been able to tolerate a ticking clock anywhere near where I sleep. I know some people find the sound restful (I’m just not one of them). I wear a digital watch that makes no noise at all.

    My dear wife has accumulated some ornaments with material value. I am the wrong mind set for this – beyond a healthy recognition of the usefulness of an adequate supply of money.


    1. I guess your hearing must be part of your ‘sight’, although we all use it to a certain extent – which is why it’s dangerous to have earplugs in when cycling.


      1. :yes: Unfortunately one does not always prepare for such an eventuality…;) Not that one can ever – actually – prepare for any kind of loss…:roll: :)xx


      2. Reminds me of quite a few people edging towards retirement who KNOW they’ll cope with it…:roll: Then, hardly three months nto their retirement..they seem to ‘fall apart’….;)x


      3. thanks … I’ll happily accept the hugs! 😉

        By the way, Hub went to see ‘Jim’ today. He has agreed to see a counsellor … I really hope he makes it!


      4. Yes indeed, easier said than done. We’re hoping to track down someone with a similar ethnic background. You may well have been involved with this sort of thing in your shady past 😉 The diocese has a good ‘network’ coordinated by a consultant psychiatrist, but that’s only half the story, isn’t it – it must be someone you feel you can work with!


  2. gosh hub’s ears must be experiencing a whole new world – or at least re-discovering it…..

    Have to say I sometimes wish I was hard of hearing – especially at night if there is noise going on keeping me awake! I wish one could switch ones entire hearing on and off at will…. 😉

    How amazing about the clock though being worth so much!


      1. :)) The kids are asking if this is the end of ‘planet Dad’??? (because he’s always in his own little world …) but I doubt it 😉 Even when he was 7 he didn’t notice what was going on around him, and apparently was so deep in a book at school one day that it was quite some time before he realised he was now in the middle of a maths lesson!! :no:


      2. My middle brother was always like that. You had to shout in his ear to get his attention because he was so off in his own little world….. used to frustrate me dreadfully as a little girl! :))


  3. There’ll be some fund and games adjusting to digital hearing.

    I cannot bear ticking clocks, I would be happy to either keep them silent or hide them away where they can mellow in silence. I remember being kept awake once by a double alarm model. It finally ended up outside the door buried in the sand of a large plant pot. ….Peace! I got some sleep.


    1. ha ha ha! This one chimes every quarter hour, which would drive me round the bend – but happily, there is a little switch to turn it off!

      Yes, Hub is in the throes of working out how to adjust the aid so that it doesn’t whistle constantly.


  4. Absolutely typical! No wonder there’s so much urging on TV to go through the stuff in your attic and sell it.

    Glad your husband’s hearing is better now. Probably best not to remind him he can turn the hearing aid off, other wise it’ll be back to square one with the excellent advice!



  5. Glad he has it sorted….(don’t get me wrong on this)..may even be able to hear the zzzzzzzzzzzzzz on a Sunday 😉

    Sometimes wish my hearing was a little lacking in this building, sadly it is extremely accute can hear the trash can lid go from the flat 3 floors above me and we have CONCRETE floors and it is not a flimsy building.

    Clocks….yes some can be very valuable….the one I inherit someday from my Mum…hate to think what that is worth and dreading the insurance premium on it.

    P xx


    1. I don’t collect stuff and am happy for daughter to have it … but it was so comical!

      Sorry about the noise in your building. Concrete is awful.

      As for the Sunday mornings … 😉 fortunately Hub is very lively and his talks are quite brief – designed to wake people up!!


      1. Yes, jokes about sermons abound in this family, and have done since my grandfather’s day! One of his was, that there’s this vicar who is mowing his grass one day and a churchgoer walks past and stops to chat.

        ‘Sermons are like grass, vicar. Best kept short’ …


  6. Your hubby is much wiser than I am. Thirty-five years ago my doctor suggested that I needed a hearing aid. I ignored his advice and now at eighty I am getting along quite well. I can hear a wall clock in here ticking from about 12 feet away – providing there is no interference. My hearing is far from perfect but I manage with no great difficulty.

    I often wonder how I managed teaching large classes for many years. Maybe I was lucky enough to have quiet classrooms.

    My latest post may interest you and could fill in some of your spare time.


  7. We’ve got 1930’s mantlepiece clock that my husband wouldn’t part with – we had it cleaned and he asked for a valuation and was told £250 then – can be a thing of beauty if you don’t mind ticking clocks and chimes every 15 minutes


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