People pray in all sorts of different ways. Some will bring the victims of natural disasters silently to God. Others will attend special services, or use particular prayers. Here’s one:


Lord of compassion, be with those who have survived this disaster, and minister to their needs of body, mind and spirit.

Heal and help those who are injured,

Give peace to the dying,

comfort and support the bereaved,

and to all who are working to bring relief and restore order, give strength and resilience,

and grant to us generous and caring hearts,

through Jesus our Lord, who cares for the suffering.




  1. Thank you for your very thoughtful and sincere prayer.

    There is only one supreme power able to attend to all the needs at such an extremely stressful time. Faith is so important.


  2. Remember also Ray Gray and his International Rescue team as they head out to search for survivors – must be a daunting task, given the complexity of the triple disaster and faced with more aftershocks.


  3. Had no idea there had been a tsunami etc so have just been to listen to the news…. :no: seems to be one epic disaster after another at the moment. I suppose it is that we have the communication facilities to report it all and make us aware…. wow… those poor people… yes.. that is a good prayer…


  4. We are deeply moved by the affects of the major forces of nature on life. Like you, our thoughts are with those people who are affected by it all. I do feel that it is somehow, not enough. It is at times like these, the little individual does feel remote and unable to help. I do hope our Government will offer something constructive, and sooner rather than later. Platitudes are not suitable.

    I know the international organisations, who are funded by multiple nations, including our own, and the charitable bodies, have offered and moved to action in whatever way is most required. The Red Cross is already working on the ground in Japan.

    There has been remarkable preparation and organisation in Japan, though we see that the country has still suffered enormous devastation. The Russians took precipitative action in the area of Sakhalin to evacuate people, and the people of New Zealand have been wonderfully stoical.


    1. I am always humbled by the resilience other cultures show in the face of disaster. The Japanese are amongst the best-prepared people in the world, but no amount of preparation can be sufficient in the face of the overwhelming forces of nature. If we would only learn to live with them, rather than against them and collaborating with the myth that we can control them, we might find ourselves in a very different and possibly wiser place.


      1. Perhaps.

        Human nature being what it is, needs to prepare. I don’t agree that no amount of preparation will work, that is patently not true. Preparation has a number of benefits, one being that the people will feel that they can take some constructive responsibility for looking after themselves and others. It will not stop loss of life, it can reduce it. However, it will not stop the forces of nature from reacting as it does.

        Your thoughts follow up a discussion I had yesterday about seismology, its strengths and its limitations.


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