As it was such a lovely sunny day, and it is our day off, we took ourselves down to the Wyre Forest, had a cup of coffee in the Visitor Centre then set off on the ‘red’ Buzzard Walk, which is just over 5 kms. Hardly any sign of spring! Nearly all buds almost invisible or still tightly closed. We had a frost again this morning, and the trees, very sensibly, are hanging on to those buds until they can trust the weather.

Air was clear and chilly. Although it was sunny, the sun was not enough to warm the air. It did make great shadows though.

my shadow in Wyre Forest Mar 2011


19 thoughts on “WALK IN THE WYRE FOREST

    1. Thanks, Janet! I originally just took a picture of the shadow of a tree on a tree. Then as I stepped back I realised that my shadow was in the picture too.


    1. Thanks, Menhir. I was taking a picture of the shadows of one tree on the trunk of another, then stepped back, and found myself in the picture too. It says something … not sure yet what 😉


      1. It tells you where the sun was to cast such shadows, perhaps also, the time of day. It also tells you that if you don’t want to cast a shadow yourself, another photographic position may be on the cards. You might also want to be photographically creative at a different time of day.

        Once you read these signals, you will be able look at the landscape paintings of the masters in a new light.



      2. Philosophers rarely agree and they never come to an accord with themselves, or provide answers for what is really around them. I believe they thrive on creating un-weavable webs. Another way of saying, tying themselves and others in knots.


      3. maybe I should rephrase, and restrict myself to just ‘wondering’ … weaving together thoughts and ideas from different experiences and viewpoints to provide an interpretation.


      4. As one does :)) I don’t view weaving together personal thoughts and ideas to interpret from different experiences into our every day living, as a restriction.


  1. Yes there is definitely still a chill in the air I have noticed the buds are still tight I guess waiting for mother nature to give the “signal” to open 😉 its good to see an actual shadow means the sun is around hooray 🙂


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