I enjoyed some of the TV programmes last night for this. I especially enjoyed Sue Perkins, who was trying to get her very clever head around the joys of chicklit! She is hilarious.  sue_perkins[1]

I keep thinking that I should make a note on my blog of the books I read, so that I remember what they are … I’ve just finished re-reading, after a very long time, J B Priestley’s ‘The Good Companions’. I remember how much I enjoyed it first time around, and have enjoyed it even more this time. Such a great storyteller.

I’ve now embarked on Amitav Ghosh’s ‘Sea of Poppies’, having read his Glass Palace a few years ago. But I think my favourite book last year was Hilary Mantel’s ‘Wolf Hall’, which won the Booker and is absolutely brilliant.

I followed that up with her ‘Place of Greater Safety’, about the French Revolution – also excellent (and very long – over 850 pages) but doesn’t quite get every aspect into the right place as she does in Wolf Hall.

What are you reading and enjoying these days?


36 thoughts on “WORLD BOOK DAY

  1. I’m re-reading THE BOOK THIEF by Marcus Zusack, set in a German town in World War Two and narrated by Death. One of the best books I’ve ever read – so original and, at times, heartbreaking.
    I really enjoyed A-Z THE FOOL’S ALPHABET by Sebastian Faulks.
    And I’ll soon dig into the third book of Bernard Cornwall’s Uhtred series; outstanding and well-researched novels set in the time of Alfred the Great. (Well, what did you expect from someone who calls himself ‘Athelstan’?!)


    1. Bernard Cornwell has to be up there amongst your favourites, Athel! I will definitely look out for the Book Thief. Must admit I am not a huge Faulks fan but maybe I am missing something!


  2. I have a friend who keeps note of every book he reads and gives them marks and how many times he reads them 🙄 I’m not at all like that I usually only read a book once unless I’m studying or sstart to read it again before I’ve realised I’ve done so before :))


      1. Or me. I’m not by nature a very organised person :))
        I’m good at getting things done but in my own way and my filing system is in carrier bags :)) :))


      2. Hub does that thing, of buying a book and then discovering he’s read it before :)) He is a voracious collector of second-hand books from charity shops and we have now got a permanent bag where the ones which are read and which we don’t want to keep go into the bag and then to the shop! Otherwise we would not be able to MOVE in this house!


  3. We didn’t have any outlets for World Book Day. However, hubby met a friend who had been carrying around for weeks, in the hope of seeing him, a book to loan him; it was one of the books on offer as it happened, Agent Zig-Zag by Ben McIntyre. I might get a read of it too.

    I am currently finishing a book about the amazing Italian Chapel in Orkney, by Philip Paris. It gives a different perspective on WWII, prisoners of war, and in this case, some positive spin-offs from a horrible world event.


  4. I really enjoy Sue Perkins, and yes she didn’t disappoint last night.
    I have just finished ‘The Hare with Amber Eyes’ by Edmund De Waal. I loved it, and am currently reading ‘The Corrections’ by Jonothan Franzen…which I am thoroughly enjoying. I have also recently re read Ayn Rand’s ‘The Fountainhead’ – just as powerful now as when I first read it over thirty years ago.

    Have a lovely Sunday Gilly.x


      1. Bouth and read it when first published….Probably would not have chosen it in preference to some others….Enjoyed it immensely, though! ;)x


      2. Oh Yes, I do! I explore various genre… Fiction-wise…I have several…Russian Classics… Most Classical English authors… I also like to read Continentals…in translation, of course…etc.. I am much drawn to overseas writers…from The Continent and Africa – Quite a few.
        My 2010 choice was Orhan Pamuk: Museum of Silence AND…. Shlomo Sand’s (must read) ‘The Invention of the Jewish People’…..Have yoy read this? :)xx


      3. Very illuminating…I believe you’ll find it so.. Brought several loose together for me….A scholarly work which did (does) not go down very well in certain quarters…;)xx


  5. Last year I did read alot of the Temperance Brennan novels by Kathy Reichs but found they gave me nightmares/strange dreams – have little time for reading with my husband off work as we seem to spend our time looking for work but when I get the chance have returned to just reading poetry.


    1. I haven’t heard of those, Silver – are they romance, or thriller or detective or … ?

      What sort of poetry are you enjoying?

      Thanks for the comment.


      1. The books revolve round her forensic science activities and typically her personal involvement with those involved in her victim’s fate – it got to the point where I usually scanned the graphic descriptions of the dissection only to find myself captivated when the pace of the story built up.

        As regards poetry then its matches whatever my mood is at the time but I never tire of Wilfred Owen or Siegfried Sassoon – both have strong messages to share


      2. Anything like Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta? I do like detective stories but not all of them!

        Those WW1 poets are really something. I agree with you.


      3. It is pretty graphic and I didn’t enjoy those scenes – but she also gets involved with her cases and sometimes it’s quite frightening!


    1. How many books do you have, which you re-read every so often, Pauline? I go back to Pride and Prejudice now and then! I also like Georgette Heyer, and the Falco series by Lindsey Davies, just for enjoyment.


      1. I hve a library of books…many old classics

        Next on my list….picked at random from te bookshelf with eyes closed… ELIZABETH OUT QUEEN…


        P xx

        PS Guess you now myhead is thumping.


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