If you look like your passport photo, you’re probably too ill to travel.



52 thoughts on “PASSPORT PHOTOS

      1. It is two years old and the hair is not groomed as well these days

        Here is a ppic taken last night just before they upstairs went out and i was looking after the kids


  1. I don’t understand what is wrong with the pictures 😳 I wouldn’t mind looking like that at all…. in fact it would be a distinct improvement! :crazy: But who is it? Are they married? 😉


    1. Nothing is wrong, I am just in a silly mood. But I thought it was a good quote! Specially now you are NOT ALLOWED TO SMILE – makes everyone look like a ‘Wanted’ poster :))


      1. yeah …….. both Hub and I are shamefacedly tucking our photos into our inside pockets and edging warily round people we know … 😉


      2. It’s the inner beauty that counts … but not sure I measure up to that either!!! Oh dear. This isn’t going where I want it to go :no: :))

        Except that you are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!


      3. Awwwww what a nice thing to say. But wonder if my hub would always agree 😉 :)) Pity I let Jesus down so often and very glad He puts up with me anyway!!


      4. 🙂 Yay it is the same for all of us…. keep sinning away helplessly and being sorry and sinning again and sorry and so on round and round…. but He knows what we are like and how HARD it is for us here in our broken world….:)

        I remember watching all the mice in a mouse house at a childrens zoo all scrabbling about and scrapping and sleeping and eating and so on, and thinking maybe He looks down on us doing pretty much the same things as the mice….. but finding us all cute and lovable just like the mice are.

        Unless of course you are a mouse-hater ;D


      5. Eldest Daughter is … she has had an infestation!!!

        Have you read Mother Julian of Norwich? She has some lovely things to say on this subject.


      6. what I remember most from reading it was about how she was shown the whole of God’s creation as being the size of a pea ? I think it was – in the palm of her hand or something….. which was mind-blowing and when you think what they knew and didn’t know at the time of her writing, just goes to show…. she was being shown something she couldn’t have known beforehand etc….


      7. a hazel nut! Of course! ……pea……:roll:….. 😳 :)) Yes I must read her book again. I have so many books I desparately want to read at the moment I just don’t have the hours in the evening to read enough and my eyes just start to shut after a while so have to give up! 🙂 It’s nice to have lots of books to read though. I recall the days when I just didn’t know what to read next….. I think now I have enough books I want to read to last me to the end of my life! :))


      8. :)) I cannot remember… but I’ve dug out her book and will go and re-visit it shortly as nowt on tv 😉 I recall reading it with a strong Somerset accent for some reason…..:oops: I don’t know the Norwich accent……


      9. :)) :)) in fact sometimes I cannot help but read it like Pam Ayres, in my head, if you know what I mean. 😳 not in a disrespectful way but I often get like that reading books – and blogs even – they each have a different sort of imagined accent. Do you do that?


      10. My kids don’t allow me to say ‘yurz’. I have to say ‘y – eeers’. They sat yurz sounds posh. I say, piffle and humbunkum.


      1. Just being silly. I rather fancy drawing on a moustache and wearing the eye patch and rushing round with a wooden cutlass with my grandchildren and announcing ‘Arrr me hearties! Everrrryone clean theirrr teeth in 2 minutes orrrrrrrr they will walk the plank!’


        Second childhood well on the way … 😉


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