I think friend Pauline might be interested in this!

The witches of Romania are hopping mad. Why? Because the government has decided to impose fines on them – and also on psychics, soothsayers, tarot card readers and fortune-tellers – if their predictions do not come true.

Added to this is that the new Romanian tax and labour code now means they must pay VAT, and make mandatory contributions to the country’s health and pension programmes.

Witchcraft in Romania is not like Wicca in Western Europe. It is much more ‘medieval’ in outlook. Strangely, it is largely accepted by the Romanian Orthodox Church as a folk custom, despite some of the very un-Christian practices involved.

Anyway, as a result of all this witches dumped mandrake roots in the Danube last month before a national television audience, and pronounced curses on the government. In fact the first reading of the new law was defeated in the Romanian Senate, because a number of legislators changed their vote at the last minute in response to a campaign of curses and hexes launched by the witches. Their powers are still feared by many people.

The Queen Witch, Bratara Buzea, told the press that the fines on false predictions was unfair, and that Parliament should condemn not the witches but the cards.


  1. Wow! sounds all rather scary-wary…. 88| Well humans are very suggestable I reckon and I wouldn’t feel at all happy if a lot of witches put hexes on me! All those bad vibes and ill-intentions 88| Interesting post – thank you Gilly! And yes, does open up the idea of imposing fines on all sorts of things…. where to draw the line! Glad they gave up on the fine though……


    1. it does make me realise why the early church always exorcised people before they were baptised … it was a way of saying that this sort of thing could no longer hurt those who belonged to Christ, and they too had to leave behind such practices.


      1. Yes I see what you mean. Baptism was a defining moment for putting all that behind you and being cleaned of it beforehand by the exorcism?

        I had a ceremony of destroying my pagan statues and things and it was a VERY strange day – a sort of struggle to do it. Important though. :yes:


      2. Wow, that must have been quite something. There’s a lovely bit in the book of Acts where Paul preaches and people are so overwhelmed with the Spirit they make a huge bonfire of their witchcraft books!


      3. Oh gosh I’ve not read that or forgotten it if I have :oops:….

        It was very strange thing to do. I had the little figurines in my pagan shrine and as I went along my Christian journey I felt I ought to get rid of them but couldn’t… was still attached…. but I one day put them just outside my bedroom on the balcony.. where they stayed for months….but could still see them… so after a while moved them out of sight…where they stayed for months…. then one morning reading prayers the scripture reading was about cleansing of idols or defilements or something and I just knew that was the day to destroy the figurines but it was quite a weird old struggle and a very strange day…….!


      4. I can quite see that. It’s the age-old struggle between the old life and the new – the old still exerts some power and needs a good chopping-off and rooting-out, – whatever our old life has been – otherwise it has a nasty habit of keeping a foothold in our lives where God is shut out, and that weakens us and can have quite drastic effects. It was a good move to do it gradually. Jesus is victor!


      5. Yes, it had to be done slowly and gradually. I had felt all along that it was a very sad thing to leave behind the whole pagan thing – really dragged my heels. I sort of had this idea that pagan was fun and out in nature and Christianity was about being uptight in a church :)) but gradually I realised it wasn’t like that at all – but I did feel a sense of loss to start with.

        I have worked it all out now though fortunately! ๐Ÿ™‚


      6. No… because I did feel real joy as a pagan – very much so…… but I was called very persistently to be a Christian, (as you know!) and I think the being pagan thing is less responsible somehow? I got the feeling the calling to Christianity was to be called Higher up…?

        It shouldn’t stop the joy but take on a deeper understanding – of responsibility. I suppose like being Form Prefect of class or something? …. I hope that doesn’t infuriate any of your readers……….

        That is just where I am with it now. God loves the pagans as children too, but some of us are called to take responsibilities or something? Now then… people who are pagans may feel the same – that they are the ones with responsibilities. Maybe being called to be a Christian is being called to focus on ministering to people and for pagans it is about focussing on nature.

        That is how I think about it.



      7. I guess each person will experience the change differently – for some people it will be a huge dramatic turn-around, and for others a gentle moving from one way to the other, and everything in-between! I don’t think it’s just about pagans becoming Christians – I think everyone who comes as an adult to Christ and discovers he is what they have been looking for, has his or her own story to tell.


      8. Yes indeed…. and of course I guess for some people paganism is much more about dark things so it would be a very dramatic change. For me paganism was about feeling amazing in nature…. but I was thinking about the spirits of the creation and not the Creator…………….


      9. Yes, it is a different perspective! In Christian terms, I think St Paul acknowledges the existence of other spirits – I think he calls them ‘elemental spirits’ although I don’t really understand exactly what that means – but he says that when Jesus died and rose again He showed how He was lord of them all.


      10. Yes…. I totally agree with that. There are definitely all sorts of spirits – good and bad, but Jesus Christ is the Lord over all. I guess some pagans do venture into the dark side and it is easy to lapse into the ego of course because there isn’t Jesus to guide you……… and I have to say that it can lead people off into all sorts of dodgy places.

        I was always a lover of Jesus but just couldn’t get my head around the concept of God and being the Son of God – hadn’t been given that yet.

        As time has passed I’ve re-learned to love nature but it was a strange adjustment – loving nature for its own end as oppose to marvelling at the Creator whose finger prints are on all his creation is a very big yet also subtle shift in awareness :yes:


      11. Thanks for all these thoughts, dt, they are really helpful and interesting.

        I love nature and part of it for me is to sense God’s joy and His singing in the beauty of the flowers and the majesty of the trees and the drama of the skies etc. And I think, wow, if this is just one little world God has made … what must it be like to be in His presence for ever – with untold and unimaginable worlds of experience and delight!

        The mind doth boggle :yes:


      12. Yes:D

        and also re the pagan thing to Christianity,

        “You did not choose me; it was I who chose you; and I sent you to go out and to bear fruit, fruit that will last;” Jn 15:16 ish.

        Funnily enough my post today is relevent to all this in a way, and we were considering that quote too….


  2. Why stop there?! I’d be in favour of punitively taxing unsuccessful practitioners of homeopathy in this country …along with about a dozen other fringey therapies with a highly questionable basis. Even herbalism has its loony fringe (plants that have medicinal uses that begin with the description “it was once believed that…” or “the ancient Greeks believed that…” and so on). Another favourite ‘make up your own mind’ sub-heading is to put all the dubious stuff under “Lore”

    Having said all of this, I believe it used to be accepted practice for Chinese people to pay their doctor ONLY when they were well!

    Anybody stupid enough to think that the turn of a card can predict their fate deserves to be separated from their money!

    It’s sometimes difficult to discern any important difference between the rantings of sages, soothsayers, luminaries and other allied trades, with very similar sounding and equally incomprehensible ‘christian’ ravings from certain clerics.


      1. Using the logic presently in play it should our government who taxes god! A neat trick, if you could but manage it!

        Of course, if the government then decides to SUE god for non-payment of taxes then the almighty could just have a problem finding a solicitor amongst the deaprted souls in heaven


      2. You’re getting god and the church mixed up and it’s never a good idea to get them confused! Of course, if you really COULD tax god and christians just happen to be right …well, there’s the little problem of the trinity! Three times as much tax or one?


      3. Believe me, I never mix up God with the institution … that way lies madness. On the other hand, as the church is the body of Christ – then you could say ‘they’ are mixed up!

        As for the Trinity: distinct yet united. I have a feeling there won’t be a category for tax in heaven. Thank God.


  3. I read about this. It was a sure thing that the witches et al would not take this assault on their beliefs without a retort.

    It is interesting to hear about the outcome of all their energy output and protest effort.


  4. I am of two minds regarding their throwing mandrake into the Danube as whilst is a plant we use for protection of our homes and families it is also poisonous. It does have healing properties and there are many ‘folklore’ atributed to this plant.

    Governments try anything to rake in money…wonder they haven’t been done under trades description or something….they tried that here back in 2008.

    Frankly…the comment…as you have quoted…. by Bratara Buzea leads me to wonder as to her credibility.

    P xx


    1. Romanians are very, very superstitious and are easily scared by people making these sorts of threats. Most of the witches are Rroma gypsies – it’s the way they earn their living and of course they have been historically associated with witchcraft for many centuries.


      1. We all abide by the Wiccan Rede….I suppose it could be assimulated to your 10 comandments.

        This is the full ‘Rede’

        Bide ye Wiccan laws you must,
        In perfect love and perfect trust.
        Live ye must and let to live,
        Fairly take and fairly give.

        Tread the circle thrice about
        It keep unwelcome spirits out.
        To bind ye spell well every time,
        Let the spell be spake in rhyme.

        Light of eye and soft of touch,
        Speak ye little, listen much.
        Honor the Old Ones in deed and name,
        Let love and light be our guides again.

        Doesil go by the waxing moon,
        Sing and dance ye Wiccan Rune.
        Widdershins go when the moon doth wane,
        And the werewolf howls by the dread wolfsbane.

        When ye Lady’s moon is new,
        Kiss ye hand to her times two.
        When ye moon rides at her peak,
        Then ye heart’s desire seek.

        Heed the north winds mighty gale,
        Lock the door and trim the sail.
        When the wind blows from the East,
        Expect the new and set the feast.

        When the wind comes from the South,
        Love will kiss thee on the mouth.
        When the West wind blows over thee,
        Departed souls will restless be.

        Nine woods ‘neath the Cauldron go,
        Burn them fast and burn them slow.
        Birch into fire goes
        To represent what the Lady knows.

        Oak in the forest towers with might,
        In the fire it brings the God’s insight.
        Rowan is a tree of power,
        Causing life and magick to flower.

        Willows at the waterside stand,
        Ready to help us to the Summerland.
        Hawthorn is burned to purify,
        And to draw the faerie to thine eye.

        Hazel, the tree of wisdom and learning,
        Adds its strength to the bright fire burning.
        White are the flowers of Apple tree,
        That brings us fruits of fertility.

        Grapes grow on the vine,
        Giving us both joy and wine.
        Fir does mark the evergreen
        To represent immortality seen.

        Elder is the Lady’s tree;
        Harm it not or cursed you’ll be.
        Four times the Major Sabbats mark,
        Both in the light and in the dark.

        As the old year starts to wane,
        The new begin’s – its now Samhain.
        When the time for Imbolic shows,
        Watch for flowers through the snows.

        When the wheel begins to turn,
        Soon ye Beltane fires will burn.
        As the wheel turns to Lammas night,
        Power is brought to magick rite.

        Four times the Minor Sabbats fall;
        Use the Sun to mark them all.
        When the wheel hath turned to Yule,
        Light the log the Horned One rules.

        In the spring, when the night equals day,
        ‘Tis time for Ostara to come our way.
        When the Sun has reached its height,
        ‘Tis time for Oak and Holly to fight.

        Harvesting comes to one and all
        When the Autumn Equinox does fall.
        Heed the flower, bush and tree;
        By the Lady blessed you’ll be.

        Where the rippling waters go,
        Cast a stone, the truth you’ll know.
        When ye have and hold a need,
        Harken not to others greed.

        With a fool no season spend,
        Or be counted as his friend.
        Merry meet and Merry part,
        Bright the cheeks and warm the heart.

        When misfortune is enow,
        Wear the star upon thy brow.
        True in love ye must e’er be,
        Lest thy love be false to thee.

        Mind ye threefold law ye should,
        Three times bad and three times good.
        What ye send forth comes back to ye,
        So ever mind the rule of three.

        These eight words the wiccan rede fulfill;
        An harm ye none, do what ye will.
        Follow this with mind and heart,
        And Merry ye meet and Merry ye part.


      2. The Rede dates back to the middle ages on paper…but in content dates back earlier. It has been modified over the years to bring the dialect ‘up to date’ with modern day language….but….it has never changed as with the Bible transcripts over the centuries.

        P xx


      1. What I meant was that when the “spells” didnt work the government would “fine” them as Im sure half of them dont work …. if it was run like the Romania government ๐Ÿ˜‰


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