The other night I heard a ‘crump’, looked out of the upstairs window and sure enough a car had come down the road opposite our house much too fast. It had gone into another one, then disgorged a number of young lads who started on the innocent driver.

At this point somebody called the police. The lads in the car all ran away … oh, I do wonder why >:-(

The police arrived and it didn’t take them long to clear the road. I took the photo out of the window.


One of these days, I am convinced, somebody coming too fast down that road will end up in our garden!



    1. I think 18 is far too young to put a youngster in charge of a potentially lethal weapon like a car! However, thieves and joyriders will always be with us and it’s hard to know what sort of prevention and punishment is actually going to work.


  1. I suggest a few ex-military tank traps. I once witnessed the whole scene of a speeding car braking far too late on approaching some lights and slamming into the rear of a staionary car. I gave the driver of the unfortunate vehicle my details and called the police later. I was called to give evidence in court and took the day off work to do so. At the eleventh hour the miscreant driver pleaded guilty and a copper arrived on my doorstep to tell me that I would not be needed …but that there was a drink-driving charge involved!


    1. How depressing, Kathryn. Hope your hand was OK. There was a time when it would have been considered ‘normal’ for the offending party to stop and see if they could help. Those were the days! How can we recreate them, I wonder? In the past the local bobbies knew all the bad lads and their families and would go round to their homes and tell them off. The Dads would give them a clip round the ear and that would be that. The prevention and treatment of crime was much more of a joint responsibility between the police and society. These days, in our teeming cities, nobody knows who anybody is, and we have replaced family discipline with security cameras.


      1. In my day (Gods! I sound OLD!!!) a bobby would give you a serious clip round the ear THEN take you home to face a proper thraping at the hands of Mom and, when he got home, Dad.

        No wonder I’m a good boy!



      2. Not as old as me … but ‘in those days’ we still respected ‘authority’ – we weren’t given a choice! Nowadays that has all broken down, and it’s hard to see where society will go next.


  2. Oh crikey… how depressing that the young lads then picked on the innocent driver – must have been terrifying for them 😦 Glad somebody called the police and I hope the innocent driver was ok….
    Must have been upsetting for you…. HUGS…


    1. Hub went out to see what was going on – that’s how we know the lads ran off when the police started arriving! Nobody hurt, thank goodness – but it’s all too common around here.


    1. A wise move, Janet! Now I have my bus pass I don’t drive at all, and we are lucky enough to be able to tuck our car away. But one of these days there will be a fatality.


    1. Our police are pretty good but this sort of thing is so common round here, I think they have their work cut out! We’ve done funerals for lads who were killed in this way – when will people learn?


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