Being jealous of friend Cactus’ ‘water feature’ I decided we would have one of our own.

The tap in the kitchen has been playing up for a couple of months. It’s a mixer tap and the cold handle eventually broke off completely. Yesterday the plumber arrived to make good.


I made him some coffee, hub took him to all the places necessary to switch off all the water, and off we went to our respective tasks. After a while I heard some grunting and snorting but as my study is upstairs and I was absorbed in something I didn’t take too much notice.

Hub however went through to the kitchen to see what was going on – to discover the plumber had cut through the pipe under the sink – and the cold water POURED out at full pressure. None of us had realised that the kitchen supply comes from a second source, different from the rest of the house!

We’re not sure how the plumber managed it, but he did – he got the new pipe on without turning off the water, struggling against the full pressure – so successfully that instead of the downstairs being flooded with gallons of the stuff, there was just a little bit of mopping up afterwards!

Never, he said, in 25 years of work, had that ever happened to him before. We’ll all know next time Meanwhile, I have a much nicer mixer tap!

Later that day, Hub (sartorially sparkling ) went off to the local police force. We work with the police quite a lot, one way and another, and they are a great bunch who are always helpful. So they have now asked him officially to become their (voluntary) chaplain, and it has put a sparkle in his eye! I think he’ll have a great time, going out on the beat with them  307569-vlarge[1]

and just being around to offer a bit of support when requested. It will only be a couple of hours a week but it’s something he really wants to do. Being in the police is apparently one of the most stressful jobs around.

Never a dull moment.







  1. I’m not clear if hub will be the chaplain to the police officers themselves, or, if he will be around for any or every other ‘people purpose’.

    Water features and the police make an interesting juxtaposition.

    Your kitchen is at least water safe, we hope, for the time being. It does sound like you’ll have to do drawings of the arrangements of the water pipes in your manse, (just in case, you understand).


    1. oh yes, definitely something to put in the handover notes!

      Hub will be chaplain just for the police officers. The rest of his pastoral stuff is as usual, in the church and in the streets around.


  2. Coincidence your husband being the Police chaplain – at weekends my daughter works as a voluntary Policewoman in the City! Theres a chance he might get to patrol with her and discuss why she got a Theology degree and now works during the week for the SEA!


      1. My mistake for not checking to see who it was I was chatting to (whilst getting tea ready) – thought for some reason I was talking to GardenGirl who lives close to my daughter – apologises for the confusion.


      1. It is just that you have a husband whom is committed to his beleifs and you share them…you spend prob as much time as himself in sorting out people….and I feel you get much satisfaction.

        I am alone at home…yes…I look to the needs of others but wish sometimes there was ‘someone’ to hold my hand.

        P xx


      2. It is true that we have always found that God has guided our lives and because we believe He loves and cares for people then He wants us to try and do that too. Though of course non-believers are often loving and caring people too, like you.

        One of those times it’s a pity our beliefs are so different – you would be welcomed with open arms in our church, with all your gifts and talents and your care for others and your great big heart!


      3. Thank you for those words….although I don’t think my neighbour (upstairs) daughter would agree with you. I am the wicked witch from the North when I go banging on the door to ask her to turn her dam music down.

        P xx


  3. I love watching detective shows, and to this day think how wonderful it would be to be one:)
    My friends have always found this to be very amusing.
    I can’t tell you why, it’s just something that’s always fascinated me.


    1. I know what you mean. There’s something about it that I find fascinating too – the careful collection of all the evidence, and then the interpretation of it – would suit me down to the ground, methinks! Too late now!


  4. Well I am glad to hear that the water pipe issue was resolved very well….sounds like a good plumber:)

    As for Hub working with the police, I think this is wonderful news. In another life Gilly I wanted to be a detective with the police:)


  5. All’s Well, that ends ‘Well’…forgive the pun…could not resist….:))
    Do we see you in a bobby’s uni too?
    Should look good at the ‘kitchen sink’ in a Bobby’s Uniform…;)xx


    1. well I think that he’ll be more around in an informal way, so that people can chat to him if they want – I suspect most of them won’t want spiritual guidance, just somebody to unload on, if you see what I mean!


  6. “after a while you heard some grunting and snorting” ? :)) Awww… poor man! :))

    What a lucky thing that the plumber managed to cope with such a sudden abruption of gushing water, even if he had to behave piggishly!

    I bet hub will have a fascinating time doing his police chaplain role…. sounds good!

    I’m all for grunting and snorting! 🙂


    1. well … she said sheepishly … I could hear Hub going to the rescue so I thought I would leave it to the Great Big Muscly Men and keep my little delicate feminine self free to arrange flowers … 😉


      1. It is mad, we have a dinner plate size hole in the ceiling,a load of newspaper spread out on the floor and our largest cooking pot directly inder the hole into which the drips plip with monotonous regularity.
        The cats find it a source of endless amusement and do not seem to understand why we do not!


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