Me to Hub: ‘I don’t seem to have washed any trousers of yours recently.’

Hub, (blandly): ‘no, that’s because they don’t get dirty.’




23 thoughts on “THE WRONG TROUSERS

  1. What is Hub’s sense of smell like? 😉 For me the ultimate test for whether something needs washing is sniffing it….. :)) Dog does a lot of that too 😉

    PS…. those aren’t really Hub’s trousers!? 88|


      1. :)) I was definitely a dog in a previous life. I can bark very realistically 😳 Even fools real dogs sometimes 🙂

        I’m relieved they aren’t really his trousers…. I had SUCH a picture in my head…..:))


    1. our son is hugely particular about what he wears and how he looks. I think it was when he first became aware of this difference between himself and his father that he decided to go and hunt for his birth certificate …. 😉


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