Just heard from our little Indian friend! she’s been at uni all day … that’s why her phone was switched off … and Facebook has lost her account, with all her photos and everything …


I rarely panic but this really had me going for a few hours! 88|

… and it looks as if I won’t have to teach tomorrow after all πŸ˜‰


Spose this means I have now finally run out of excuses to put off the ironing any longer. Sigh. :no:

*trog trog trog*


17 thoughts on “FOUND!

  1. Seems like she unwittingly slipped beneath the radar for a while. It’s good that she has people like yourself and your church community to care if anything goes wrong.
    (it’s not St Mark’s church in Talbot Woods, by chance, is it?)


  2. Glad that you found her after all your panic – it is so strange how things like that happen – and the FB losing her too! Strange day for you but I’m glad it all turned out well in the end and you don’t have to do the childrens’ lesson thing! Pheeew!

    Hope you cracked on with the ironing then? πŸ˜‰


    1. Very odd day – she’s more like a sort of daughter really, far from her family in India, and she’s had huge problems with her visa, so we’ve seen her several times a week for most of a year, and prayed for her and with her and hugged her and written letters to the home office for her and got her to her MP until she FINALLY got her visa. This has meant that she’s had a whole year in which she has not been able to start her doctoral studies, because the home office is so incompetent! So she has really needed a lot of support, and I work closely with her in Rainbow church and she also attends the course I teach too.

      anyway, there she is … and YES I HAVE CRACKED MY IRONING, HOW CLEVER IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. glad to hear that you found her… but it should spark some thought on how connected you are to some people. We have a small intimate group of people that we are truly involved with… and then, an outer circle… How connected are we, and how much can we expect from that connection?


    1. Being in church ministry gives us rather an ‘odd’ relationship with people – friends but not intimate friends, people we are truly concerned about and who share their best and worst experiences with us, whom we support and help through great difficulties, and of whom we are fond; but who are not our ‘personally close’ friends. It is too complex and too invidious to make personal friends with a few people in the church, and sets up jealousy and gossip.

      For personal friends, we go outside the church and parish, and most of these friends go back to our youth, our university days, our Nigeria days, even our schooldays and know us ‘warts and all.’

      It is a very interesting question, Shimon. Worth a post on its own?


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