I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground much since we got home from Devon. Everything is kicking off this month and I seem to have been working evenings as well as mornings and afternoons – and two weekends in a row. I am feeling really tired, having taken Minutes last night at the church council and been in Coventry all day today on 3 hours’ sleep. Have jokingly said to Hub that I ought to be full-time and paid, not ‘part-time’ and unpaid – that way I might work less!!


Three bizzy days still ahead (and counting) until our day off on Monday … . All on top of this miserable toothache! – though I have found that Ibuprofin is quite helpful.

It’s nice to come and wander amongst the blogs every now and then. Gives me a bit of a let up.

This evening is free – hurray!


19 thoughts on “BIZZY

  1. crikey it does all sound hectic and busy for you! Hope you have a good rest up this evening and indulge in that ginger wine perhaps with your feet up… and have a great big sleep tonight!

    Am sure the tooth-ache WILL go….. I’ll pray right now that it does……


      1. What a dark horse you are. I suspected this from the beginning but was then thrown off the scent by your being a Jungian counsellor! Were these two callings concurrent?


      2. I would not blame anyone who decided to leave parish ministry … ๐Ÿ˜‰ I fought hard against the possibility myself, having grown up as a child of the manse or rather, the parsonage! Thought I was safe, when I married someone who was a Baptist and a teacher … how wrong can one be! :sigh:


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