As soon as I saw Sarah Palin utter this phrase, I thought two things:

1. I am sure she has not written this speech. This phrase has been thought up for her.

2. I am also sure that neither she, nor her speechwriter, has the first idea what this phrase really means. I strongly suspect they were looking for a startling way to complain about the fact that the blood which has been spilled in the shocking gun attack in Tucson should not be used to libel politicians. If this is what they really meant, then she was certainly entitled to say so, although we will all have our own opinions about whether she is justified in this.

But that is not what she said. She said, ‘blood libel’. According to the Independent, ‘blood libel’ has its origins in medieval anti-Semitism, when the Jews were falsely accused of killing ‘Christian’ children and mixing their blood with bread to eat.

An inexcusable calumny, and one with very long historical roots in all sorts of cultures around the world – but still inexcusable.

In his turn, Obama produced one of his best speeches (that guy is an orator!) when he asked for words to be used to heal, and not to wound.


I know which one would get my vote.



  1. Frankly, I think Sarah Palin is too ignorant to even be aware of the historical significance of the term “blood libel”. What is it with the Republicans these days….they seem to regard crass stupidity as a badge of honour.


  2. I too doubt that SP knew the meaning of blood libel – I certainly didn’t before reading your explanation. She seems a nightmare of a person. I’m glad people think Obama is good etc because he strikes me as intelligent and wise. I do hope he manages to maintain his integrity in spite of the vipers hanging around…. I hope he doesn’t get pulled under by the media nosing out some spurious nonsense to descredit him or anything.

    The media usually get pretty frantic to destroy good people….

    Reckon Satan must be casting an uneasy eye on him and SP may well be used by him. Gosh that sounds melodramatic but you know what I mean?


    1. I find her attitudes and pronouncements really worrying and what worries me most is that she has people who follow her. Can you imagine if she really were to become the next president??? God forbid – and I mean that absolutely literally!


      1. She seems to be somebody whose ego has become so huge she has lost herself and turned into a monster. 😦 I suspect her petard, when she finally gets hoisted wearily up onto it, (which she will because eventually the media will HAVE her…. when they’ve got bored of the show ) will be IMMENSE. She will be left a tiny hunched destroyed figure OR just turn into a balloon and whizz off into oblivion. She may well cause a lot of damage before that happens though.

        Let us pray that Obama follows the light and the life and the truth. If he does that he may well change the western world a bit…. for the better.


      2. I do hope so, but Americans is funny things when it comes to politics.

        SP is very ambitious, and the trouble in the States, is that, if you are ambitious enough and have enough money and tell people what they want to hear, they will elect you no matter how incompetent you are.


      3. ~America seems to be full of the most extreme wierdness imaginable. Vast enormous elephantine people waddling around, cowboys, synthetic people made up of plastic surgery and the wierdest cults and religions and so on….. The scariest people are the Day-glo white teeth old people or maybe the branch of Christianity that dances with snakes that was on the TV recently…. What loads of raving nutters… yet of course lots of ordinary human beings too… but I guess SP could drum up a scary bunch of like minded weirdoes out of all the strange people of America!!

        But it is scary when you think whatever nightmarishness goes on over there…. always comes over here……..


  3. I think so little of Palin, that I believe her ignorance is of such a degree that she wouldn’t have a clue of what she said or its meaning!

    I admire Obama a great deal, and am proud to say that my daughter campaigned for him in the state of Massachusetts….he is dignified and I believe man of integrity.


    1. That’s great news, Janet! We’re fans of Obama here – Hub has read his books and he comes across as somebody who is intelligent and understands the issues, and absolutely refuses to jump on other people’s superficial bandwagons. Good on your daughter.


  4. Ms Palin has caused quite a lot of turmoil, and stirred-up masses of people who would rather listen than read, learn and decide for themselves what is best for America.
    President Obama goes aboaut his daily duties, listens to his advisors, wakes-up in the middle of the night if needed. He keeps blinkers on to help him try not to lose his perspective on the best path to healing the hatred and disappointment of millions of Americans.
    He is a brave young man with an uncluttered and disciplined mind.
    He sees far into the future of America. We have been given a half-African/half-White American to leads us there.
    This gives us pause: Why this young man?


    1. This is interesting from you, JW, as you are in the middle of it in a way that we are not. I’m glad you support Obama and I know what you’re saying, in your last sentence.


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