It is the best title!


what do I wish you for the new year? A spirit of contentment. Work in which you find satisfaction. Loyal and funny friends. A healthy family life. Relationships that sustain you. Sufficient money not to worry. And for my Christian friends, myself and others – a deepening faith in Jesus, the Lord of all.

I won’t be posting for a few days so you all take care and have fun!

Read you soon!


13 thoughts on “1.1.11

  1. You describe Jesus as “Lord of All” and yet the god of Abraham came before him and christians argue that Jesus was his son. I would contend that the trinity is nothing more than three views of the same god …like looking at a mountain from three very distinct viewpoints. It’s the same mountain …it just LOOKS different.


    1. Interesting point of view – as you say. Christians contend that Jesus, the Father and the Spirit were there from before the beginning, jointly working in the creation and sustaining of the universe. It’s a very interesting discussion to have, as to what are ‘different viewpoints’ and what are ‘revealed truths’.


  2. And a Happy New Year to you Gilly and I hope all hopes and plans come to fruition and all difficulties are peacefully resolved to the benefit of all…. Peace and calm and contentment to you and yours! xxxx


  3. All lovely things to wish people for the new year. I hope that you find yourself enjoying much of the same.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed the festive season. Wishing you abundant blessings in Christ.

    Tracy x


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